Welcome To BG Associates, Inc.

BG Associates, Inc. is a Native American-owned and controlled consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of Native American people. Through training and education, we ally with our clients in building skills and improving access to academic and professional opportunities. In order to better partner with the communities we serve, BG Associates, Inc. specializes in providing training and technical assistance for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs; and our clients have the assurance that BG Associates, Inc. is fully knowledgeable of Tribal TANF requirements and regulations. In fact, BG Associates, Inc. was involved in the original planning and designing of the first Native American “cooperative” TANF program ever developed – which includes eleven different tribes in Southern California!

BG Associates, Inc. currently provides services as a consultant in four different locations within Southern California: East San Diego County, North San Diego County, Riverside County and Santa Ynez. Although TANF programs are fundamentally similar, each one is distinctively tailored to the unique needs of the Native American participants in their respective regions; therefore, BG Associates, Inc.’s typical involvement is to plan, design, set-up, implement and monitor the programs and standards of training for TANF’s clients.

While we work toward Native American empowerment, BG Associates, Inc. is ever-expanding! Check out our tutoring page to see why BG Associates, Inc. offers the best local Kindergarten through 12th grade contract group academic programs and in-home tutoring! Our team is always growing, so take a look at BG Associates, Inc.’s employment listings here.