Over the last few years, Brenda Guachena and her staff have been involved in the delivery of services to the TANF population of San Diego County reservations, the Santa Barbara County Santa Ynez reservation, and the Soboba Tribal TANF in Riverside County.

This experience has included:

  • Planned & conducted a 4-day training retreat for all California Tribal TANF staff.
  • Planned and operating a student tutorial program for Sherman and Noli Indian Schools with 21 tutors.
  • Designed and published a 100 page resource guide for Soboba Tribal TANF clients in Riverside and Soboba counties.
  • Developed an operations manual for Soboba Tribal TANF for TANF purposes #3 & #4.
  • Conducted a needs assessment for the Soboba Tribal TANF program in Riverside.
  • Designed family retreats to promote two-parent TANF families.
  • Organized the first Tribal Veterans recognition banquet.
  • Worked with the Southern California Tribes to develop tribal flags.
  • Developed the Out Of Wedlock Service Providers Directory.
  • Organized and held Tribal Energy Fair for San Diego County Tribes.
  • Organized many TANF wide events such as Easter parties, Christmas celebrations, and award ceremonies.
  • Developed and promote life skills programs.
  • Developed and operated after school & summer activities programs on the Lone Pine Reservation.
  • The organization of incentive and reward activities for TANF participants.
  • The development of awards programs to recognize the achievement of TANF participants.
  • The development of academic remediation programs.
  • The implementation of a preparation program.
  • The organization and implementation of a program to obtain both Class A & Class B drivers licenses for TANF participants.
  • Assisting TANF staff with TANF participants in receiving individual assistance with areas in their lives that interfere with their success.
    This includes individual peer counseling in various areas such as: substance abuse, dealing with agencies and bureaucracy, buying a car, and obtaining credit.
  • Assisted in planning the Native American Educational Summit with the North County tribes and the Escondido School District.
  • Organized the first Indian Science Bowl teams to compete in the National Math and Science Bowl competitions.
  • Established the first Title IX (Indian School program) Senior Banquet to recognize the accomplishments of the Native American students.

In addition BG Associates was a major part of the team who started the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s TANF program in East San Diego County for TANF participant training. Brenda Guachena was co-author of the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s TANF Three Phase Training Plan.