Finding The Individual’s Skill-Acquisition Needs

In addition to providing training in specific classes, BGA can provide participant assessments that will better help the participant and the training program focus the training programs on the specific needs of the participant.

Reporting on the participants is also important to make sure the program is meeting its goals and to track the participant’s progress in a timely manner which helps keep the participants succeeding in a positive way.


Assessment of Tribal TANF Participants

Depending on the specific Tribal TANF participant the assessment may consist of:

  • Ability Assessment
  • Job Skills Assessment
  • Career Interest Assessment
  • Educational Assessment
  • Health of Client
  • Social-Emotional Status
  • Substance Use/Abuse
  • Physical Ability Assessment
  • Family Status

If necessary, a client may receive additional assessments relative to their training needs by BGA to help pinpoint specific problem areas.

The BGA Assessment may consist of the following type tests or their equivalent:

  • TABE basic academic testing: general level
  • Steck-Vaughn detailed academic testing by subject such as: Math, English, Science, etc.
  • Academic skills needed for specific career or job areas: such as math for cooks