BG Associates is dedicated to academic excellence – we are research-driven and Common Core Standard aligned.

Authentic Assessments
BG Associates’ authentic assessments offer relevant information on how your student interacts with the bodies of knowledge that the Common Core Standards require our schools to teach by grade-level. We align to the Common Core Standards as a foundation for providing meaningful assessment questions, which then allows us to provide concise feedback about your student’s foundational levels, areas of strength, and areas of future strength. BG Associates assessments are kid-friendly – as far as scholastic tests go – and our test administrators are experienced professionals who are trained to find your student’s academic needs in a relatively short amount of time (less than one hour per subject).

BG Individualized Lessons
From our assessment results, we can create an individualized lesson plan to remediate or advance your student according to their individual needs. Since our foundation is in the Common Core Standards, BG Associates provides relevant and targeted instruction for concepts that your student comes across in school and during homework. Combined with an instructional delivery method that adjusts to your student’s learning pace, our individualized lesson plan is just what your student needs!

BG Remediation, Homework Help and Advancement/Enrichment Skills Remediation Programs – Is your student is behind in school? BG Associates’ assessment process and observations allow us to develop an effective remediation plan that addresses the Common Core Standards skills. By aligning to Common Core Standards, we deliver relevant instruction in the areas that need strengthening. From a strong foundation, your student can create a habit of academic success!

Homework Help – Is your student on target in most subjects, but needs more guidance in a particular subject? We provide effective, structured homework help in almost all K-12 subjects. Call or Contact Us via email to learn more about how BG Associates can give your student the edge in their homework!

Advancement and Enrichment Skills – Does your student need a more challenging academic rigor? If your student is comfortably excelling in school, BG Associates offers an integrated enrichment program that offers students efficient methods for expanding upon concepts and principles in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Our enrichment program is specifically designed to boost your student’s academic level with the intent of gaining placement in college preparatory, honors/AP, or integrated college-credit classes at school.

BG College Readiness and Test Preparation
Your 9th grader needs to start planning for college now! BG Associates offers structured planning for the steps your high school freshman needs to start taking to maximize their potential in high school, for getting into college, and gaining their maximum personal achievement on college entrance exams. The things colleges look for when reviewing an applicant include more than just a student’s grades. Call or Contact Us via email to see how BG Associates can help you and your 9th grader plan a road to greater success and opportunity in selecting a college.


Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation

Is located in the southern portion of the Owens Valley between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Inyo Mountain Ranges, approximately 200 miles north of Los Angeles and 60 miles south of Bishop.

Soboba Indian Reservation

Lies in the lower reaches of the San Jacinto Mountains, across the San Jacinto River from the city of San Jacinto.