BG Associates has over 16 years of successful development in designing and providing Training and Technical assistance to Tribal TANF programs under various performance contracts.

Our past and current experience includes working individually with all of the tribes who are members of SCTCA, Inc.  In addition, BG Associates has worked with Washoe, Torres Martinez, Soboba, North Fork, Karuk, Yurok and SCTCA Tribal TANF Program workshops with some of the Riverside County Tribal TANF programs. The programs include: Staff training, Cultural Programs, and Workshops for TANF Staff, Workshops and Conferences for TANF clients, programs to support TANF youth both in educational and non-educational areas.

Some specific areas include: Preparation for the World of Work, Family and Fiscal Skills, Tutorial programs for students, beading, sewing, basketry, Computer labs, video editing, Driver License training for class “C” licenses, Parents as Teachers programs for TANF clients, publishing of multiple manuals and resources for use by Tribal TANF and Tribal TANF clients, such as Resource Directories, Operational Manuals, administrative forms and Instructional materials.

Currently BG Associates has contracts with SCTCA, which concentrate on the North and East San Diego County and Santa Barbara County TANF programs. In addition BG Associates has had a contract with Soboba Tribal TANF to operate a Tutorial program for Tribal TANF at Sherman Indian School and Noli Indian Schools. BG Associates with SCTCA Tribal TANF and Soboba Tribal TANF planned and provided a four-day Retreat Workshop to train and orient Tribal TANF staff and Clients from Tribal TANF programs from across California. BG Associates in addition to TANF programs in Escondido and Santa Ynez is currently operating TANF programs under contract with Owens Valley TANF at Lone Pine.

We have worked for Washoe, Torres Martinez, Soboba, North Fork, Karuk, Yurok, SCTCA Owens Valley-Lone Pine Tribe, Hoopa, and Morongo Tribal TANF Programs establishing a California Partnership.

BG Associates has the experience, knowledge, background, capacity and staff resources to successfully perform Tribal TANF contracts. This is best shown by the many years of providing effective services to Tribal TANF programs under contracts arrangements.