The Lone Pine Tribal Youth Education Program is devoted to the well-being and academic success of local Native American students, kindergarten through 12th grade. With a multi-faceted
program, we are able help youth prosper in both mind and body. Capable and enthusiastic tutors work with students after school to ensure that homework is finished completely and competently. Our nutrition program provides home-cooked snacks to keep students energized and attentive. Daily crafts and activities inspire creativity, exercise, problem solving, and team work. Additionally, students attending the LPTYEP have an opportunity to learn about their Native American cultural history, and to participate in Lone Pine Paiute/Shoshone Tribe events – allowing youths to understand their heritage in terms of past, present, and future.

975 Teya Road Lone Pine, CA 93545

Office: (760) 876-5000

Fax: (760) 876-5002

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Teachers can provide strategic methods on tutoring students or a parent can voice their concern about their student’s academic needs. Click on the BG Messenger link below and let’s get started!

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